OK. You know that thing where you’re so close to something that it makes it hard to truly speak clearly about it….well that happened on this episode. This one is about imaging (all of the pieces that make up an artist’s public image, but it’s also about image itself. We speak with a woman I love and truly resect, Joanna Carter, about her role as the VP of Creative Services Video Production at UMG. Joanna has a brilliant perspective on imaging–which is really about helping the artist be who they really are and present that to the world. She’ll tell you some cool stories about some of your favorite videos like Dierks’ and the video for Long Strip Alone. We’ll also get into some conversations about red carpets, and what makes a “star.”

This is a complicated subject full of fun aspects (the glam, the fashion), and really tricky aspects that tie in to how we present ourselves as artists…and particularly as women. I’m saying…we did our best. It’s not perfect, but we’re having the conversation and I think we just need to keep having it.

Also, I tell a story near the end of this episode that we refer to as the “sparkle story” that’s really just about my own struggle with compromising myself, or changing myself based on what other people were saying about me. It’s not my proudest moment, but I wanted to share it anyway. And, I just want to make it clear, if it isn’t already, that this story took place before I ever got to work with Joanna, so she played no role in the story at all.

Huge thank you Joanna Carter for teaching me so much over the years that I got to work with her. Her attention to detail and her taste in general is impeccable.

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Cutting Room Floor: There’s a ton of great stuff every week that just can’t be used for whatever reason. I’m going to start sharing some of it with you here as little excerpts.

KB: What’s your favorite haircut on the label right now?
JC: I love Jon Pardi’s haircut right now.

KB: Can you talk about “hotness?”
JC: You’re as hot as you think you’re hot. I think it’s really about staying true to who you are.

KB: What do you think is the most famous video that you’ve worked on?
JC: Strawberry Wine. That video was just organically perfect…It was a perfect match.

Watch Strawberry Wine here: